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Toledo Toughman

 Since 1978....

the Toughman has been an annual event in Toledo since 1978.  With the rapid growth of the sport and the word of the event trickling down from Bay City, MI... Toughman came to Toledo in the late seventies and has been here ever since!




It all started with a couple of guys bragging in a bar in Bay City, MI......


Toughman is a chance for local guys & gals to test themselves in a fight event like no other in front of family and friends.  From the 1984 movie by Twentieth Century Fox "Tough Enough" that starred Dennis Quaid, to a series on Showtime, the FX Network, and Fox Sports as well, the Toughman Contest remains an icon in the world of boxing.

Celebrites making their start from Toughman include Mr. T (people often wonder what the "T" stood for) who went on to star in Stallone's "Rocky III" and then became the A-Team television star. Grady Brewer, first winner of the Lawton, OK Toughman contest was picked for and became the winner of Sylvester Stallone's television series "The Contender" and has become a professional boxer of some renown.  Tommy Morrison, also from Oklahoma, had a huge pro career, and after retirement, also starred in a Stallone movie:  Rocky V.  And the "King of the Four Rounders", Butterbean (Eric Esch), star of movies, late night tv, and most recently, a tv series "New Sheriff in Town" was just an ordinary guy working in a mobile home factory in Alabama when he won his first Toughman Contest.

Because the Toughman Contest is basically amateur boxing with shorter rounds, more protective gear, and more safety precautions, the event boasts the best safety record in boxing, including pro boxing, amateur boxing, and gym sparring.   


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